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best survival knives

A survival knife is one of the best tools you can use in the wilderness, camping trip or while hiking and backpacking. Survival knives come in many different colors, designs, sizes and brands.

However, it is very important to buy the best survival knife to make the most out of it. In this article, we will tell you what to look for in a survival knife. We will also give you some brief information about the most popular survival knives. 

What Are 2013′s Best Survival Knives?

Knife Length
Blade Length
Blade Material
Customer Reviews
Where to Buy?
Amazon Image
Ka-Bar Becker BK2
5.5"16oz10950 Crovan Steel4.6Read Here Amazon Image
Amazon Image
11.75"6.5"12ozCarbon Steel5Read HereAmazon Image
Amazon Image
Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife
11.5"6.375"12ozSS5Read HereAmazon Image
Amazon Image
Gerber LMF II
10.6"4.8"11.6oz42oHC SS4.7Read HereAmazon Image
Amazon Image
Cold Steel SRK
10.75"6"8.2oz8A SS4.4Read HereAmazon Image
Amazon Image
SOG Force
11.25"6"10.5ozTiNi, AUS-8 SS4.6Read HereAmazon Image

What Should You Look For In A Survival Knife

First of all, let us tell you about some things you should consider while buying a survival knife.


best survival knife

The weight of the best survival knife is balanced in a way that it can easily assist you with tasks like cutting trees, but doesn’t become too heavy to carry around. Usually, a knife weighing one pound is considered to be ideal. Usually, people think that heavy knives are better. But they can easily tire you when you are in the wilderness.


Tang is a portion of the blade which is not sharp. It extends into the handle. It is always better to buy a survival knife with a full tang. This means, tang should extend to the handle. Extended tang will provide more durability and sturdiness to the knife. Knives which have short tangs can easily break after exhaustive work.


When we talk about survival knives, handle is as important as the blade. You should try to choose a knife which has good grip. A base will also help you to hold on firmly to the handle. There are many different materials to choose from. However, you should pick one that feels comfortable in your hand.


The sheath of the knife is also very important. You can not depend on a knife with a bad sheath. It is important to choose a knife with rugged sheath, which can completely cover the knife. You should try to avoid knives which have small sheaths. If the knife is well-covered by the sheath, it will stay secured.

Top 6 Survival Knives on the Market

Now, let us tell you about the best survival knives you can buy from the market.

1. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife (Reviews)

Amazon Image

This fixed blade style knife has a fixed point, drop point shape, and a 20 degree edged angle for ultimate precision.

A 10950 crovan steel blade is durable, and will not loosen at the edge as time passes; the stainless steel finish also guarantees it won’t rust over if it gets wet. Grivory material is used for the handle, for a simple grip shape, and comfort grip.

With a 5.5” blade, you can cut through quite a bit, in less time, and with less force. It can do just about anything; chop, cut, slice, feather and filet. It features a strong grip, and for the price you are not going to find anything much better on the market today. Although the 5.5” blade is long enough for most uses, to baton it is a bit short; the shorter length of the entire knife (10.5”) also makes it a bit tougher than other knives, when you are chopping for extended periods of time.

Apart from those minor inconveniences, it is a solid build, it can be used for just about anything, and at a fraction of the price you would pay for other knives, is well worth considering when you are shopping for the best survival knife, and something that is going to last.

2. ESEE Knives 6 Fixed Blade Knife  (Reviews)

Amazon Image

With a weight of 12 ounces, and a 6.5” blade, you can do quite a bit with this knife.

The fixed blade features a carbon blade finish. It includes a sheath, a plate clip, a paracord, and cord lock, for easy use, and for even easier storage once you are done with the knife.

A rounded handle, and Micata finish, makes it extremely comfortable in your hand, and easy to grip when you are doing any activity with the knife. 1095 is a top choice in cutlery, and the durable blade will cut through just about anything, when you are using the knife for heavy duty jobs. With a drop and clip point handle, you can use it in many fashions, and you can use the knife for a variety of activities.

One minor drawback is its heavier weight, which makes it a bit tougher when you are using it continually, or striking continually as you are cutting; apart from that, there are very few defects, if any, in the design of this knife.

3. Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife. (Reviews)

Amazon Image

The zyltel sheath provides a unique feature, which the other knives on this list do not include.

A stainless steel design, and modified steel point, allows you to get the ideal angle, no matter what you are cutting through when using the knife. With a 6 and 3/8” blade, and overall 11.5” length, it is very tactile, and easy to use in a variety of situations.

The lighter weight of the knife also makes it a cinch to cut through, or dice through anything, regardless of what you are working on with the knife. It is super sharp, and has excellent edge retention, meaning you are not going to have to sharpen the knife with each use; it will maintain its tight blade lines, and sharp cut, regardless of how often you use it, or what you use the knife for.

A very comfortable handle grip makes it even more of a pleasure to use, when using the knife for longer periods of time.

One minor issue (which adds to the knife’s credit) is the sharpness of the knife right out of the box; although you want a sharp knife, you do have to be careful when removing it from the box, and with the first few uses, as it is probably sharper than most other knives you have used in the past for exterior use.

4. Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife (Reviews)

Amazon Image

Not only do you have a sharp knife, it converts to a spear for other outdoor uses you might have.

A shorter blade at 4.8” makes it a bit less tactical than the other knives, but a partially serrated edge also gives it an additional feature which the other knives do not offer to the user.

A built in sharpener also makes it extremely easy to use in any situation, and it quickly folds away into the sheath when not in use. With a plexiglass punch, it also has a unique design, and can be used for more than one purpose when you are outside.

An overmolded handle also makes it quite simple to use, and grip, regardless of the situation, and regardless of what it is you are going to cut through. The weight to length ratio is also great, as it is a bit heavier, and bulkier, allowing you to use less force, and still get the desired results during use.

One drawback is the sheath, which is not designed to be carried on a traditional belt, which is where most users would like to hold the knife; apart from that, the design, feel, and grip, are all great once you start using the knife.

5. Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle (Reviews)

Amazon Image

A kraton handle and black blade make for a truly unique design and look with this blade.

With an 8A stainless steel, this rescue knife not only looks great, but it is also built to last. A teflon coat is applied over the handle, and this gives it a bit more durability, regardless of the weather conditions you get caught up in when you are using the knife. It also gives it a finer grip and fit in your hand, and a more comfortable grip, when you are using the knife for tactical jobs.

A 6” blade allows you to cut or slice through anything, and a shorter blade also makes it easier on the user when you are gutting, or filleting. A single finger quilion guard also provides an additional barrier of safety, if you are using the knife in a tough situation, or are cutting for extended periods of time with the knife.

It is a simple and plain design; there is nothing fancy about the knife. So, if you are shopping for something with all the bells and whistles, this isn’t it. But, if you want a knife that is sturdy, well built, and can handle nearly any job you put it up to, then you may want to consider this knife for use.

6. SOG Force, 6″ Straight Fixed Blade Knife (Reviews)

Amazon Image

A 6” TiNi straight, 8A blade provides a durable and rugged finish, and one that can cut through nearly anything.

Full tang contractions are in place, for full force, and for the most comfortable grip when you are using the knife in the toughest situations. A contoured, glass reinforced handle makes it easy to grip, and it makes it a perfect handle design for any use, and something that will be extremely comfortable in your hands, no matter what you are using the knife for.

A Molle nylon sheath also provides the best protection, when you are going to put the knife up when not in use. Cryogenic heat treatment was used in the development of the serrated blade, giving it more power, and creating a stronger force, plus, the stainless steel finish is going to give it the protective coating which will last for years to come.

The ergonomic grip makes it the perfect knife if you are using it for larger jobs, or if you are going to use the knife for extended periods of time; the fact that you can easily conform it to any grip, and for any job, makes this one of the best survival knife options available to you, when shopping for a new knife.

So What’s the Best Survival Knife?

Amazon Image

SOG Force Fixed Blade Knife

The best survival knife is really going to depend on the desired use, and the outdoor activities that you plan on using the knife for. But, although pricy, the SOG Force does hit on the most features.

The ergonomic grip handle makes it ideal for any use. The sharper blade and serrated edge, lets you get any job done. A longer blade design and shorter grip give you more force when you are using the blade in close contact.

Price Disclaimer
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The overall design and quality are also far superior to the other knives on the list. So, if you are willing to spend a bit more on the price, and buying something that is truly going to last, and can be used for nearly any job you want to use it for, then the SOG Force is a great survival knife to consider investing in.

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